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Imagining Lincoln and Juárez

Lincoln and Juárez Audio Experience

Grades 5–12

The history soundscapes complement both the Exploring Lincoln and Juárez curriculum and the Imagining Lincoln and Juárez gallery experience. Use the audio experience worksheet to help students reflect on the impressions created by these soundscapes.

> Download the Audio Experience Worksheet (PDF, 47 KB)

A House Divided: Slavery in the United States

This short history soundscape suggests the environment of a slave auction.

> Download the A House Divided audio file (MP3, 5.1 MB)

The Union is Perpetual: Lincoln is Elected

This short history soundscape portrays the scene of one of Lincoln’s campaign rallies.

> Download The Union is Perpetual audio file (MP3, 4.2 MB)

A New Birth of Freedom: Black Soldiers in the Union Army

This short history soundscape sets the scene of African Americans enlisting in the Union Army.

> Download the A New Birth of Freedom audio file (MP3, 5.3 MB)

With Malice Toward None: Lincoln’s Assassination

This short history soundscape sets the scene of Lincoln’s assassination.

> Download the With Malice Toward None audio file (MP3, 5.3 MB)

Meet Benito Juárez

This short history soundscape suggests the conflict and warfare that marked Juárez’s career and kept him on the move as a mobile president for many years.

> Download the Road to Reform audio file (MP3, 2.9 MB)

Get Out of Mexico

This short history soundscape is set during the years when Juárez took his rightful place as the sitting president of Mexico in Mexico City and celebrates his legacy.

> Download the Restored Republic audio file (MP3, 3.1 MB)

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