Chicago Temple

Photograph of the First United Methodist Church at Chicago Temple

March 2006

This "portrait" is of a building. Chicago's oldest church in Chicago celebrates the 175th anniversary of its organization in 2006. Since its new building was built as a skyscraper in the 1923 by Holabird & Roche architectural firm, it also can boast that its sky chapel is the highest in the world above street level: it's 400 feet above ground. Its main sanctuary is on ground level. The office space in between is leased out. Senior Pastor, the Rev. Philip L. Blackwell, joined us to celebrate the anniversary. This is one of our favorite photos. Chicago looks like a European cathedral city, but this shot of the Chicago Temple building in the distance is taken facing southwest from near the Michigan Avenue bridge over the Chicago River.

Philip Blackwell and Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson & Philip Blackwell, March 2006

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